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Sample CV Template

Our consultants see CV’s every single day. Every hour actually. We had a chat around both our offices, both Retail and Hospitality and decided candidates would benefit from a sample CV. CV templates can and will differ on industries, but this standardised CV is applicable across the board when applying for Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare and most jobs.

Some general CV tips. 

  • Word is generally a preferred format by recruitment agencies and employers in the above industries.
  • Attaching a PDF of your CV also is advised. (File > Export > Create PDF/ XPF )
  • Avoid over complicated templates, boxes and Excel sheets.
  • Personalise your CV/cover letter. While the majority of the content will stay the same, there is nothing more unprofessional when the same Cover Letter is send to multiple employers/agencies listing a different job than the one you actually applied for.

Sample CV Template

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